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The backbone behind the Powered By TapRm™ platform: our operations support. From managing and storing your inventory or picking, packing and shipping your beer securely and compliantly to your consumer to giving the time and attention necessary to maintain great customer relations -- TapRm's team has everything handled for you.

Learn more about our offerings by scheduling a meeting with our team today and start shipping your products nationwide with the country's most reliable platform.



We've built our fulfillment processes and technology from the ground up at our home base in Brooklyn, with 99% accuracy across the board. Our retail networks handles all the picking and packing and courier interactions for you, ensuring your product is treated with care and integrity.


Additionally, we provide up-to-date fulfillment alerts, order dashboards, and inventory numbers through our own software built in-house. 

Lower Your Operations and Shipping Costs and Overhead

Increase Shipping Speeds and Accuracy

Get the Best Shipping Rates Nationwide for Your Customers

Reinvest Your Time and Savings into Your Brand!


TapRm Series A Deck 44_edited.png
TapRm Series A Deck 44_edited.png
TapRm Series A Deck 44_edited.png
TapRm Series A Deck 44_edited.png

Our fulfillment teams averages less than 1.5% across the board for fulfillment inaccuracies or errors -- this average includes every retail center in our network across the US. We select our fulfillment partners for their quality and attention to detail, ensuring your product is handled with the utmost care from its arrival to our warehouses to the moment it reaches your customer. 


Let our team of customer experience experts handle all consumer interactions for you!


We understand how essential it is for a customer service team to relay to consumers a brand's image and voice to influence and retain them over time. Our meticulously trained staff maintains quick response and solution turn around times, while providing the highest level of customer service possible. 

Free Up Your Team's Time & Workload

Save Money On Hiring And Operating Costs

Give Your Customers a Great Experience

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Hi there! I'm checking on the status of my EBBS order: EB112449. It's been a few days and I'd like an update please!

Andrew L. at 11:31 A.M.

Hey Andrew, Thanks for reaching out, I'm happy to assist! I've checked with our carrier partner and it looks like your order, EB112449, should be arriving tomorrow! Great news!

Susie at 11:38 A.M.

Powered By TapRm Deck V 1_edited.png
Powered By TapRm Deck V 1_edited.png

That's awesome, thanks for getting back so quickly! Appreciate it, I can't wait to try 'em!

Andrew L. at 1:15 P.M.

My pleasure, hope you enjoy your beers (great picks)! Reach out any time, Andrew. Cheers!

Susie at 1;17  P.M.

Powered By TapRm Deck V 1_edited.png


Our Customer Experience team is top-notch -- customers appreciate our rapid response and turn around times, as well as our friendly and professional demeanor. Let our specialists handle all your interactions so you can focus your time (and money) on growing your brand!

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