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Happy Hour



Building A Brand Before Launch With Pre-Order Functionality By 'Powered By TapRm' ™

2022 Case Study

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It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

     Nothing quite encapsulates the spirit of the alcohol industry quite like the concept of a happy hour. Meeting up with friends for a drink after work or school is the essence of being young and free. For Matthew Morton, happy hour isn't just a promotion you might see at bars and restaurants. It's a way of life. 

     That's why the Los Angeles native founded Happy Hour Tequila Seltzer in 2021. He wanted to capture the effervescence of that time of day in a ready-to-drink product that people could enjoy anywhere. With a focus on both health and authenticity, the tequila seltzer uses real agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico. Happy Hour also has real juice, only 1 gram of sugar, and is just 99 calories.


     With previous successes in the beverage industry, Morton approached this launch with specific attention to community building and fostering a long-lasting relationship with consumers. In turn, the brand is built around seizing the sunset, creating memories with friends, and a happy and balanced life. 

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Selling Sunset

     Happy Hour originally partnered with TapRm for e-commerce fulfillment in California. Thrilled with the success of the partnership, Matthew and his team wanted to expand to the New York market. However, in order to get production to a point where it could meet the demand, they needed time. While they ramped up, they feared that competitors might swoop in and take advantage of any production delays.

     TapRm had a solution. In order to build anticipation and excitement for a New York launch, they planned a pre-order campaign. This campaign staved off competitors and gave the emerging brand support in:


  • Pre-Order Capabilities: While awaiting a ramp-up in production, the 'Powered ByTapRm' web development team proposed a custom pre-order function for their website, allowing them to build relationships with customers in new markets before launch.

  • Large Scale Fulfillment: Understanding the challenges of fulfilling large quantities of product on launch day, they needed a partner capable of tracking and shipping at that scale, as well as an analytics team capable of monitoring the success of the launch. 

Time to Pre-Party

     Confident in TapRm's ability to facilitate the expansion, the Happy Hour team got back to the difficult work of producing their cocktail for the public. We took care of the rest.


     We built custom software that allowed digital customers to pre-order Happy Hour Tequila Seltzer and track their orders. The Happy Hour team was able to drive traffic to their website and social media pages to promote their campaign and build their brand without the kinds of delays they would have faced otherwise. New and excited customers responded in droves, resulting in 1500 pre-orders.


     On the day of launch, the TapRm fulfillment team shipped every online order leading to high customer satisfaction. In fact, customers were so satisfied with the product and service that the repeat purchase rate amongst pre-order customers was a staggering 60%!


     Furthermore, we provided consumer data that allowed the brand to better understand the demographic information of their customer base. The resulting analytics demonstrated a 30% increase in customer lifetime value in conjunction with the 'Powered By TapRm' partnership.


     Growing pains are a part of any business, but with 'Powered By TapRm,' Matthew and the Happy Hour team quickly learned that they didn't have to go it alone. Where there is a problem, TapRm has a solution.

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Happy Hour E-Commerce Growth Since Partnering with TapRm


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through

"Powered By TaprRm"

Repeat Purchase Rate Amongst Pre-Order Customers


Number of Fulfilled Pre-Orders On The Day Of Launch


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Happy Hour Tequila Seltzer

Happy Hour Website:

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