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Delivering a Custom E-Commerce Experience to Consumers With 'Powered By TapRm' ™

2022 Case Study

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Hitting The Sweet Spot

In 2018, the alcoholic beverage industry was making a major pivot. Every type of juice, seltzer, and cocktail was being spiked and canned. It was a generational shift in consumer preference and business innovation. With copycats popping up in every corner of the industry, University of San Diego classmates Greg Serrao and Forrest Dein had another idea. They wanted to develop spiked functional beverages and take kombucha mainstream. And so, Juneshine was born.

Juneshine came from a simple question. Why was there a sustainable, transparent option in nearly every consumer grocery category, except for alcohol? The answer to that question was unclear, but the solution to that problem was obvious. Moreover, it was up to them to fix. 


The brand focuses on brewing alcohol so that you can feel better about drinking. Kombucha supports digestion, rids the body of toxins, and boosts energy. Since the launch of their initial Kombucha line, Juneshine has expanded into other alcohol categories that maintain a strict health-first approachThe drinks are handcrafted in San Diego, CA with real, premium, and sustainably produced ingredients, and the business donates 1% of profits to environmental non-profits and is an entirely carbon-neutral business. To Greg and Forrest, Juneshine is not just a brand. It's a lifestyle. 

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A Customer First Approach

After a successful launch in the California market, The Juneshine team wanted to grow into New York and other e-commerce channels. However, with headquarters on the west coast, they worried about losing control of the customer experience and damaging the brand experience. Until this point, everything was controlled in-house. This allowed for high-level quality control of product, branding, and customer experience. In expanding, they feared losing the very thing that had made them successful in the first place.


They actively sought out a partner with a high degree of technical and operations expertise, with the same laser-focus on customer experience that they built their business around. In TapRm, they found exactly that. With industry-leading development and customer experience teams, Juneshine knew they could entrust the integrity of their brand with us. We supported:

  • Digital Experience: With the alcohol market becoming increasingly digital, Juneshine turned to TapRm to develop a site with the aesthetic and functional needs of the emerging brand, in order to maintain brand integrity. 

  • Physical Experience: Making a brand bi-coastal is not easy feat, but TapRm allowed Juneshine to pursue an expansion while retaining their brand integrity through custom packaging and timely, accurate and undamaged e-commerce fulfillment. 

Let The Juneshine In

With a huge expansion ahead of them, TapRm worked with the Juneshine team to build a custom digital and physical brand experience, including a bespoke website, as well as boxes, bags, and inserts. These personal touches allowed east coast consumers to get a taste of west coast flavor. Full disclosure, it's delicious. Moreover, it gave consumers confidence that a world-class alcohol-based e-commerce experience was possible. 


Our fulfillment team ensured that every single drink was handled and delivered with the utmost care, leading to 0 mispicks, damaged products, delayed orders or substitutions. Any problems that did arise were handled in a timely and professional manner by our customer experience team, and our first-party consumer data to help the brand track customer experience data. We brought a degree of expertise that facilitated an expansion that allowed over 14 million new potential customers in New York alone to enjoy the Juneshine line of products.


This support ultimately led to 5 consecutive months in which online sales outsold distribution sales, despite their sizable and quickly growing distribution network. This digital proof of concept further amplified sales by allowing them to simultaneously launch with major food and drink delivery services across the country, opening them up to millions more potential customers.

With 'Powerd By TapRm,' Juneshine was able to grow into a national brand and was most recently valued at $80 million. As the adage goes, greatness is in the agency of others. They were able to do this in just 4 years because they had great partners along the way, with TapRm chief among them. 

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Juneshine E-Commerce Growth Since Partnering with TapRm



Consecutive months that online sales outsold distribution

Rate of mispicks, damaged products, delayed orders, or substitutions


Number Of New Customers Available in New York

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Juneshine Website:

Headquarters Location:

10051 Old Grove Rd,

San Diego, California, 92131

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