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Montauk Brewing Co.

Overcoming Logistical Challenges for Statewide E-Commerce Delivery with 'Powered By TapRm' ™

2022 Case Study



The Local Beach Brew

     Imagine this: it's the middle of summer and you have finally taken some time off from work. You drive out to the coast to escape the rat race, and immediately hit the beach with your family or friends. The sounds of the surf and pesky gulls hunting for scraps are occasionally drowned out by bursts of laughter from other beach-goers or summer sounds from portable stereos. You're back from the water, hiding from the unrelenting heat under an umbrella, and reach into your cooler to grab something refreshing. It's fresh, crisp, and perfect for the beach -- you are most likely having one of Montauk's brews.


     Created by Montauk natives and childhood friends Vaughn Cutillo, Eric Moss, and Joe Sullivan Vaughn Cuticle, Montauk Brewing Company embodies the northeast beach vibe of its namesake. For those who may not know, Montauk is a popular hamlet on the very tip of Long Island, NY, known for its beautiful beaches and fresh seafood. Montauk Brewing may have had humble beginnings on the coast back in 2012, but have since become one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the U.S.

E-Commerce Growing Pains

     Based on their success, it's almost hard to imagine Montauk Brewing not being as huge as it is today. In the early days, the brand was just a couple kegs shared with surfers and a small following on the fledgling (at the time) platform, Instagram. They knew they had a solid product and bright, easily recognizable branding. Montauk began to steadily grow their presence on the island, and the increasing popularity and demand for their products followed. 

     During this period of growth and expansion, the Montauk team
managed their own in-house e-commerce operations out of their facilities on eastern Long Island (along with all their other operational efforts going on). This proved to be more difficult as time went on due to it being, and two major problems arose: 


  • Pricey Operations: Running their own operations became increasingly more and more expensive, which made their delivery prices and product prices much higher to consumers than they wanted.

  • Difficult Logistics: With all operations located in the Hamptons, logistics were tough. The delivery radius was narrow -- their location was hours from the city. As townships are more spread out along Long Island, same day delivery was costly and hard to manage. Packages would often get lost or damaged, especially as demand fluctuated. 

Montauk Brewing Co.'s E-Commerce Growth Since Partnering with TapRm

A Powerful Partnership

     Montauk needed assistance to solve these issues before they became even more detrimental. They signed up for a ‘Powered By TapRm' ™ partnership, and we began to manage all fulfillment and delivery operations for Montauk Brewing out of our Brooklyn-based fulfillment center.

     We first built a fully operational custom website for Montauk, consulting with their team and playing on the vibes and aesthetic of their branding to ensure that when we integrated our software with their site, it would be fully about their brand. This process streamlined the e-commerce experience for their customers and began to pull key consumer insights and data for Montauk to utilize. 

     TapRm became their exclusive e-commerce fulfillment partner in New York, and provided same and next-day delivery. Just in the first six months, this transition has helped save Montauk an average 80% in shipping costs and expanded their footprint. The cost savings and efficiency improvements are facilitating a nationwide expansion for Montauk Brewing Company. 



Percentage Reduction in Shipping Costs


E-Commerce Consumer Growth


Number of Counties in NY with Next Day Delivery

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Montauk Brewing Co.

Montauk Brewing Company Website:


Brewery Location:

62 S Erie Ave

Montauk, NY 11954

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