'Powered By TapRm' ™ end-to-end platform provides an all-encompassing and collaborative experience for brands in the rapidly growing alcohol e-commerce space today. Highly customizable, fast, and three-tier compliant: 'Powered By TapRm' ™ enables brands of any size, from those just starting out to those scaling nationally, to achieve their goals and grow their community.

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Bespoke E-commerce Solution

Sell your product on your own website and create a seamless checkout experience for your customers. 

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Best-In-Class Customer Service

We handle all customer interactions on your behalf. You'll receive powerful first party customer data and feedback.

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Fast Delivery (And Getting Faster)

Same-day delivery in all TapRm cities  and In-State shipping available in 25 states. Expand with us nationally (nationwide coverage coming soon)

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We manage all retailer and distributor relationships, and by selling directly to TapRm, you reduce your ultimate price to consumers

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Not Just a Tech Company

TapRm's technology was built doing everything in-house, so we know how to ensure that each order is delivered with care and your inventory is always accurate. 

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Customize Any Part of the Process

Customize your packaging, bundle orders with merchandise or inserts, or even curate a custom mix pack for a unique experience for your fans. 

Uncompromising Commitment to Compliance

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The alcohol e-commerce space has grown (and continues to grow) rapidly over the last several years, and at TapRm, we understand the necessity for scaling businesses to remain compliant with federal and state regulations within the tiered system. 

As we've built our platform around our own experiences and operations, we understand the importance of getting brands launched compliantly. 'Powered By TapRm' was custom built by our team around those challenges that surround this heavily regulated industry, allowing us to easily manage the nuances related to payment processing, order fulfillment, freight, and more on our customers behalf in any region or county we operate in. 

We ensure that our retail network is also up to our state and federal standards when handling our customers product, and take pride in our ability to help mitigate risk and provide compliant services nationwide, and the trust we have built with our partners.